Light-Duty Towing

Let Us Transport Your Vehicle to a New Location

Let Us Transport Your Vehicle to a New Location

Our crew provides towing and light towing services in Lithonia, GA

If you need someone to carefully tow your vehicle to a new location, look no further than ABC Transport & Tow, LLC. We provide light duty towing services in Lithonia, GA. We can pick up vehicles anywhere within a 30-mile radius of Lithonia and take them to your preferred location, whether that's down the road or to another state. Our crew has towed vehicles from Georgia all the way to Texas.

We tow trucks, cars and SUVs up to 2,500 pounds. Clients also depend on us to tow ATVs, trailers, equipment, lumber, metal and motorcycles under 2,500 pounds. Our company even provides private property impounding for illegally parked vehicles as well as storage at our truck lots. Count on us for your light towing needs.

Follow these 5 steps for a stress-free towing experience

Need light towing services? Our pros have got you covered. We follow a specific process for every tow:

1. We'll find out your location and car's make, model and year
2. We'll learn what issues your car is experiencing
3. We'll find out where you need your car taken
4. We'll pick you up if you're driving alone
5. We'll provide mechanic recommendations

Don't spend your day stranded on the side of the road. Call us now to get speedy towing services.